Risk Profiler

What age group you belong to ?

Less than 28
28 -40
60 and above

How many people depend on you financially ?

more than 3

How are your current and future income sources ?

Very Stable
Somewhat stable
Very Stable

When do you expect to start liquidating from your investments ?

after 10 years
between 5 to 10 years
between 3 to 5 years
between 1 to 3 years
Less than a year

What do you expect from your investments ?

Highest return while taking highest risk
High return while taking high risk
Moderate return while taking moderate risk
Returns higher than FD while taking low risk
No risk on principal

How well do you understand investing and markets ?

Very experienced — I do my own extensive research and have an excellent understanding of what factors affect investment performance.
Experienced — I know the factors that make investments go up and down.
Somewhat experienced — knowledgeable.
Somewhat inexperienced — investing is fairly new to me.
Inexperienced — investing is a new experience for me.

Suppose the investment value of your portfolio has fallen by 25% in a month, what action would you take ?

You would add to your investments to bring the average buying price lower. You are confident about your investments and are not perturbed by notional losses.
You are ok with volatility and accept decline in portfolio value as a part of investing. You would keep your investments as they are.
You would be worried, but would give your investments a little more time.
Cut your losses and transfer investments to safer asset classes.
Cut losses immediately and liquidate all investments. Capital preservation is paramount.

Worst Year Best Year Average Year
Investment A -21% 40% 50%
Investment B -18% 35% 14%
Investment C -10% 25% 12%
Investment D -5% 20% 10%
Investment E -1% 15% 9%

Your risk profile is calculated on the basis of actual score according to the responses given